We strive to be a highly respected, self-supporting, productive school in a safe, secure, disciplined and attractive environment which is conducive to a culture of teaching and learning. The school will develop individuals that are well-balanced and can function positively and effectively in our society.


We commit ourselves to providing a hoslistic education to equip our learners with life skills that will enable them to become self-respecting leaders in society. We commit ourselves to create a safe environment equipped to support effective learning. This mission will be achieved by:

  1. well-qualified, committed, dynamic, motivated, continual developing educators who act as positive role models;
  2. providing a safe and secure environment in which quality learning can take place;
  3. developing and maintaining a motivated and disciplined learning community who has a sense of pride and responsibility towards their schoolwork;
  4. creating opportunities for the active involvement of all stakeholders;
  5. developing and maintaining a healthy infrastructure to support effective teaching and learning;
  6. providing the best affordable facilities and equipment for effective teaching and learning;
  7. providing a needs-based curriculum which is relevant to the community;
  8. providing an extra-mural sport and cultural programme which facilitates holistic education;
  9. recognising the school is part of the community and contributing to the continuous upliftment of the community;
  10. accommodating diversity amongst staff, learners and parents;
  11. maintaining sound and positive relations with the Department of Education